Another London Marathon Report – 21 April 2013

I was a “first-timer” at London and had such a fantastic day. Having watched so many other runners in London over the years I really enjoyed experiencing it from the other side, and the atmosphere was amazing. The best bit was rounding the corner to see Tower Bridge where we used to watch the race as children, and at that point I got a bit emotional (but also sped up!). It was a big boost to spot my supporters along the way and amazingly around the course I found my brother-in-law to run with for a few miles, and then Kirsty less than a mile from the end.

It was a bit hotter than I would have liked and I felt sick during the last couple of miles, probably from the last gel and extra liquid, but with consistent 9-minute miles it all came together and I achieved my sub-4 hours target to finish in 3:56 without a single toilet stop!

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