Couch to 5k a great success!

C25K ParkrunWaverley Harriers ran it’s first ever series of beginners sessions this summer. 15 participants joined our ‘couch to 5k’ programme in April. Most were complete beginners to running, whilst others had run before and wanted some support to get back into running.

Our first session was a lovely summers evening walk/run session round Broadwater pond.  All participants managed it, but not many believed they would be able to run 5k in just nine weeks!

As time progressed, we altered the walk/ run balance in our sessions, so we were able to run for longer, and go further. All sessions started with a warm up, and finished with a warm down and stretch.  We varied the route each week, making the most of the light summer evenings and the wonderful choice of footpaths in Godalming. Participants were encouraged to do 2 sessions of activity ‘homework’ during the week, to help them towards their 5k goal.

After 9 weeks, 11 people finished the couch to 5k programme. 9 of them proved they really could run 5k, by taking part in the Guildford Parkrun on Saturday 13th June. We were given a warm welcome by Guildford Parkrun, and were supported by family, friends, Waverley Harriers, and one another. It was a wonderful morning and celebration of the great achievements the group had made. The picture below shows us after the run, proudly displaying our Waverley Harrier couch to 5k medals!

Since the programme, we’ve heard from several participants who have continued with their running. Some run with one another, others have joined Waverley Harriers, and some are running at Parkrun.

We hoping to organise another couch to 5k programme in the autumn, so watch this space for more details. In the meantime how about trying the couch to 5k programme yourself. More details here.

For more details of the Guildford Parkrun see here.

By Kate Horne.

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