Waverley Harriers and Haslemere Juniors & the Border League Cross Country Series

What is “the Border League”?

The Border League is a Cross Country series which is participated in by several clubs predominantly from Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey.

It comprises four race mornings during the winter months on each day of which 4 children’s age categories are competed split between boys and girls (ie 8 children’s races in total).

How does the competition work?


‘County standard’ athletes are banned from taking part but it is still challenging! It offers a good experience of race day atmosphere.

As a team

The first four athletes home in each race will comprise the scoring team. Waverley Harriers combined with Haslemere (HBAC) did surprisingly well last season, particularly the U9 girls regularly finishing in the top positions, but ultimately didn’t score at enough events because of falling short of four finishers

Final placings after the 4 races are based on summing the child’s best of 3 finishing positions, ie the lower the figure the better. Therefore it doesn’t matter if you miss one of the 4 races.

And obviously please don’t be put off from attending if you can’t even make 3 races: hopefully any race will be valuable and enjoyable for your child.

Do you have to pay anything?

No – there is an entry per club, which the club covers.

What if my child has never run that distance and doesn’t know the course?

We recommend you walk the course so that the child knows exactly what to expect. The race itself has a ‘hare’ runner who runs in front and a ‘tortoise’ runner who runs at the back of the race. There are marshals and the courses are well-signposted.

When do I have to say by?

We have to submit declaration forms by the Friday before the race. But we really appreciate as much advance notice as possible for planning.

What to wear?

It’s a winter series so we’d recommend some kind of thermal top and thermal leggings as a minimum. Ideally wear a thick warm coat that can be taken off immediately before the race and put back on afterwards.

Waverley Harriers Juniors should already have a club strip running t-shirt or vest, to be worn as an outer layer during the race. If you need a new one Waverley Harriers tops can be bought for £13.

Race numbers

These will be given out on the day and need to be returned after the race to the Waverley Harriers team captain / organiser.

Children are registered for the series against a number and it’s essential that the same number be worn by a particular child across different Border League races.

On the day

On the day – organisation

Please aim to arrive at least one hour before the race and look out for the Waverley Harriers flag or Haslemere Border AC gazebo / flag.

Ask for your race number and a Waverley Harriers T-shirt to wear during the race (unless you’ve got your own). Do please remember to hand the T-shirt back in after the race if it is a loan shirt.

On the day – Start Line formation

Please be aware that the Border League policy is for each team to begin the race in columns, ie the children all line up behind each other, one column per club (spilling over into a second column if the number of club runners in that race exceeds 8). This is to prevent jostling and falling over etc at the beginning of the races (which unfortunately did happen last season despite this policy being in place, so it will be monitored more closely this season).

Runners will be ordered according to previous races’ finishing positions where possible.

On the day – parking

It is very important that you park as directed by the marshals but be prepared for a long walk as the car parks fill up quickly. The route to the course will be clearly directed.

On the day- toilets

Facilities are always provided, look out for the on the day instructions.

On the day – refreshments

Refreshments are usually provided, look out for the on the day instructions.

On the day – your involvement

Given that the events are run purely by volunteers, every club is expected to provide assistance where requested in the form mainly of marshals (possibly parking guides also).

As far as Waverley/HBAC own arrangements are concerned, any help with manning the registration desk at the Waverley/HBAC flag/gazebo would be appreciated as the team manager is expected to be at the start line enforcing the line-up – this can most probably be done on an adhoc basis by parents whose own children’s race hasn’t started yet.

Any questions

Email juniors@waverleyharriers.co.uk or see us at training.