Meet the Team

Committee Members

Neil Boosey: Chairman


More about Neil: Marathon Monday  NDW100  SDW50


David Elder: Secretary


More about David: On the spot


Ian Morgan: Treasurer


More about Ian:


Matt Bevan: Communications Officer


More about Matt:


Holly Yorston: Welfare Officer


More about Holly: On the spot


Helen Morton: Welfare Officer


More about Helen:


Nikki Legg: Community Officer


More about Nikki: Surrey half  Fox relay


Chole Hacker: Team Captain


More about Chloe: On the spot


Kat Williamson: Kit Manager


More about Kat: On the spot  Marathon Monday


Annette Lee: Run Leader Co-Ordinator

Qualifications: LIRF & Safeguarding

More about Annette: On the spot  Marathon Monday


Gary Lee: Social & Events

Qualifications: LIRF & Safeguarding

More about Gary: On the spot  Marathon Monday  Hart 4 relay  Wings for Life


James Burnard & Alix Wilcock: Membership


More About James: On the spot

More About Alix:


Club Leaders

CIRF Trained

Alexandra Oliver

Qualifications: LIRF, CIRF

More about Alexandra: On the spot  Brighton Marathon


John Mckenna

Qualifications: LIRF, CIRF

More About John: On the spot


LIRF Trained

Mark Hobbs

Qualification: LIRF, Safeguarding


Gary Lee

Qualification:  LIRF, Safeguarding


Annette Lee

Qualification: LIRF, Safeguarding


Harriet Betteridge

Qualification: LIRF


Other active leaders. 

  • Bill Fordham
  • Chloe Hacker
  • Claire Chappell
  • David Elder
  • Graham Sampson
  • Helen Askew
  • Helen Morton
  • Ian Campbell
  • Kate Horne
  • Len Phillips
  • Neil Boosey
  • Nikki Legg
  • Sarah Oughton
  • Tanya Boardman

If you’re interested or want more information about committee or leader roles please email David at