On the Spot – Rowan Collins

When did running begin for you? I work with horses for a living. During my early 20s I was working for an event rider who ran the cross country courses before an event. Puffing round and failing to keep up with my 6ft 2in boss I realised I needed to get fitter if I was […]

On the Spot – Sam Stillwell

When did running begin for you?  Running began for me after a huge life changing wake up call! I went through a major Point in my life where trauma had ruptured my thought and day to day life thinking process, After taking a step back from it all, I had found that my life goals […]

On the Spot – Ellen van der Velden

Why do you run? Because I can! This has not always been the case. When I was little, I had bony lumps growing on legs and arms causing issues with exercising. They called me the terminator at secondary school as I had metal pins sticking out of my arm and walked round on crutches (i.e. […]

UTMB – Ultra Trail du Month Blanc – Neil Boosey

UTMB – Ultra Trail du Month Blanc 5:45pm on Friday 1st September, Vengalis’ Conquest of Paradise, echoes around the streets of Chamonix.  After an hour sitting in the blazing sun we get to our feet and surge towards the start.   2700 Runners clap down the final 10 seconds, until the church clock strikes 6pm […]

Bewl Half Marathon – Paul Carter

9th September 2023 It’s 09:37, the race should have started seven minutes ago. It’s hot and the runners are getting impatient. The race director loves to talk and we are a captive audience. Someone is typing out a race review on their phone to express their frustration. Enough is enough, we are going to storm […]

On the Spot – Sarah Oughton

When did running begin for you? I ran cross country in school, but then stopped completely until my mid-20s. I started running again by accident when my gymnastics friend invited me to run with her before our class. We ran 1k and a few months later I signed up for the Paris half marathon.   […]

Punky the penguin

2023 Green Belt Relay

“Up and down like a stripper’s knickers” offered one participant. “Absolutely f**king horrible” spat a second. “SO MUCH FUN!” yelled a third. This year’s Green Belt Relay certainly inspired a broad range of heartfelt, if somewhat lewd, vulgar and shouty, reviews. What manner of contest could elicit such passion? For those of you not yet […]

On the Spot – Sarah Atkinson

When did running begin for you? My main sport at school was netball, but I was never ‘sporty’ per say. I had always preferred playing Goal Shooter in order to do the least amount of moving about as possible, whilst still getting the glory due to a minor height advantage. After a very sedentary university […]

The TDS: Brave or Stupid? – Owen Kimber

My journey to the TDS, a 145km alpine trail event from Courmayeur in Italy to Chamonix in France and part of the UTMB series, started three years ago. At the end of August 2019, I undertook another UTMB event; the CCC. I stood at the start line on a hot morning feeling sick with terror […]