On the Spot – Vicki Blamey

When did running begin for you? I was never sporty as a youngster – I used to view the obligatory school cross-country as a chance to walk and have a chat with my friends. It was when my children started junior school back in 2010 that I decided I needed to do some regular exercise […]

On the Spot – Elaine Williams

When did running begin for you? I actually ran my first 10K when I was 16 (so a fair few years ago!) – when I ran the Dublin women’s mini-marathon and only entered to stop my mother from hassling me! I hated the training, I hated the race, I hated the crowds and when I […]

On the Spot – Paul Sansom

When did running begin for you? In my thirties I was working in London, getting very little exercise and putting on weight so I learnt to swim to keep myself fit. I stuck at this for a while but when my local pool got closed down for refurbishment a colleague invited me out for a […]

Hart 4 Relay – Gary Lee

Hart 4 Relay On Sunday 11th August 6 Harriers teams and supporters travelled to Minley Manor near fleet for a fun and exciting 4k relay. This was a 4-hour relay over a 4k hilly trail course with 4 people per team. From the Harriers that entered we had 1 men’s, 2 ladies and 3 mixed […]

South Downs 100 – Kat Hobbs

Centurion South Downs 100 race report 08/06/19   2 months later, here’s the race report. It’s a bit long but it was a long way… The Saturday of the race started with Sam pulling his car up outside our house @ 4.15 with Neil and John. Sam was very awake, excited and ready to get […]

On the Spot – Kirsty Smith

When did running begin for you? When I was at University. Second year came around and I became a lot more conscious that I was drinking and eating a lot, but not really moving a lot. One of my housemates had just started running, so we went together, running and walking our way around a […]

The Rye Ancient Trails 30k and 15k – Tanya Boardman

The Rye Ancient Trails 30k and 15k The Rye Ancient Trails has been designed by top runners Sam Murphy and Jeff Pyrah to take in the best of the local trails. Starting in Rye Town Centre to the sound of the Town Crier, the route starts with a tour of the town, escaping through the […]

On the Spot – Bill Fordham

When did running begin for you? I watched the first London Marathon on television in 1981 and thought that I would like to have a go at it. I had never run before (being particularly adept at dodging the dreaded school runs around Clapham Common) but got an entry for the 1983 event and surprised […]

On the Spot – Kat Hobbs

When did running begin for you? I used to run at school, I really enjoyed cross country races but then quickly decided that I enjoyed socialising, drinking and smoking more. Why do you run? I quit smoking about 4 years ago and put on a stone in a week! I decided dieting wasn’t for me […]

Wings for Life world run Munich – Gary Lee

Eating drinking and trying to out run a car. An idea grew from a conversation about a fun race that me and Annette did a few years ago into the plan of a Harriers long weekend away in Munich. Those at the AGM may remember prosecco shots being passed around in a candle stick holder […]