On The Spot – Dan Burton

When did running begin for you?
I have my brother to blame for this. He forced me to go running with him once after sixth-form and I’ve not stopped since.

Why do you run?
Escapism – it’s a great way to unwind. Plus, if I run, I can eat what I like!

What race or moment in your running career holds the most significance and why?
South Downs Relay (half marathon) a couple of years ago… I decided to involuntarily have a lie down at around the 10mile mark due to low sugars, which showcased the best and worst in running for me. Bad prep led to me making an early exit, but the amount of fellow runners who offered support (and sweets) to help really sticks with me. Plus the BBQ afterwards certainly helped nurse my pride (thanks Ian and Claire!). Better prep next time!

Who is your running inspiration?
I’m not sure I really have a running inspiration as such… that said, some of the feats people in our club achieve are incredible.
What event, past or present, would you like to take part in and why?
Not very original but the London marathon, just so I can say that I’ve done it.

What golden piece of advice would you give to other runners?
Don’t start, it’s a trap!

What’s next?
Running a marathon has always been on my to-do list, but I’ve always managed to find excuses to avoid them – until now. After yet another unsuccessful attempt at entering London, Amy and I decided to enter the Brighton marathon next year. Last binge at Christmas, then the training begins.

Who would you like to nominate?
Who else? It has to be Amy!

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