On the Spot – Ellen van der Velden

Why do you run?
Because I can! This has not always been the case. When I was little, I had bony lumps growing on legs and arms causing issues with exercising. They called me the terminator at secondary school as I had metal pins sticking out of my arm and walked round on crutches (i.e. poking sticks).

I started running at Uni after signing up for a relay run. I did the last 5k leg and I must have been one of the last to cross the finish line as the men – who started 15 min after the ladies – were starting to overtake me. Since then, I never stopped running despite lots of well-intended advice suggesting that I should pick another sport given my bone condition. Glad I never listened!

What race or moment in your running career holds the most significance and why?
My first half marathon. I had an irrational fear of not being able to complete it, so I picked one that passed four times my parents’ house. The last 5k of my first marathon was also pretty good, as I suddenly realised that I was going to finish it.

Who is my running inspiration?
Years ago, I met Haile Gebrselassie at a half marathon in The Hague. I knew the organisers of the race and let me start at the front with the pros. Thought it would be fun to start next to Haile, but it was a big mistake. It was hell with hundreds of runners storming past me. However, I survived and had a chat with Haile back at the hotel, which was lovely.

What event, past or present, would you like to take part in and why?
If I would have to pick one, I would say the London marathon because of the crowds. However, I increasingly get niggles in places where I still have bony lumps and I’m not sure I would survive the training so for the time being, I just make sure I enjoy every single run.

What golden piece of advice would you give to other runners?
If you are not born as a runner, it doesn’t mean that can’t become one. Take it step by step, be patient and simply refuse to give up.

What is next?
Can’t wait to get back on track! Had a knee operation in November and working hard to build up my running again.

Who would you like to nominate for the next on the spot?
Sam Stillwell

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  1. This is so inspiring Ellen, To push yourself through the niggles and ongoing challenges you face, you’re an incredible runner

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