On the Spot – Kat Hobbs

When did running begin for you?
I used to run at school, I really enjoyed cross country races but then quickly decided that I enjoyed socialising, drinking and smoking more.

Why do you run?
I quit smoking about 4 years ago and put on a stone in a week! I decided dieting wasn’t for me so I started running. I now run too far that the effects have reversed and I have to eat more than ever to keep weight on.

What race or moment in your running career holds the most significance and why?
Last year I entered 1 day of the Devils Run (3 days of 33 miles a day) and I stupidly didn’t give this race any respect as it was a very last minute decision. Basically I crashed at mile 6 and scrambled to the finish line with a lot of help from other competitors. I learnt a lot this day, mainly that it is important to put sun cream on before a race, to carry gels/ liquid calories in case you can’t eat, and to keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll get there in the end.

Who is your running inspiration?
Wilson Kipsang, mainly from his performance at the 2015 London Marathon. He was favourite to win the race and after a sprint finish against Kipchoge he came second and crossed the line looking like the happiest man alive. I just loved how thrilled he was to have finished 2nd even after he was expected to win.

What event, past or present, would you like to take part in and why?
Definitely the Medoc Marathon, which sounds right up my street! Sadly not this year though.

What golden piece of advice would you give to other runners?
Run steady and think about how you are feeling. If you are breathing hard and have a long distance to go, you are running too hard. Try and enjoy your runs, it is meant to be fun.

What’s next?
South downs 100. Chasing John, Neil and Ash- a right Waverley outing

Who would you like to nominate?
Bill Fordham

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  1. OMG I can’t believe your SO fit now after years of race riding horses and were half as motivated!
    Best of Luck on Saturday/Sunday with your 100 mile challenge

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