On the Spot – Sam Stillwell

When did running begin for you? 
Running began for me after a huge life changing wake up call! I went through a major Point in my life where trauma had ruptured my thought and day to day life thinking process, After taking a step back from it all, I had found that my life goals were not going to be accomplished, unless I put my best foot forward and pushed through mindset onto greater things. My biggest life goal is to run a marathon somewhere in the world, after meeting my fiancée Chloe this was the beginning of breakthrough and success in achieving this life goal. Chloe introduced me to the best group of friends and running club you could ever ask for! this is where I know I felt safe, this is where I knew I would have support, this is where you could have a drink at the pub after a race and laugh about the pain and the race course itself, I knew this was the club for me!
Why do you run?
I absolutely adore running! Because of its huge symbolic purposes and meanings, Not only does it give you that sense of challenge to better yourself in fitness/strength/endurance, but it also helps form and mould your mindset into something more freeing and hopeful,  that every day throws a new challenge in your path, but with determination, hard work and pushing yourself past that boundary line, you can achieve pretty much anything and I use that in my everyday life, thanks to running.
What race or moment in your running career holds the most significance and why?
At this current moment I am still so early on in my running life, So I have many hurdles/ moments/ memories to create with future races. But the one that holds the most significance and a memory that I will always treasure will be the Surrey slog as this was my first ever half marathon. This is not a race to take lightly! This race helps builds endurance, stamina, strength and a whole lot of willpower as those hills prove difficult at times. Throughout the race, mentally I thought about giving up and was this length of race right for me, but the one thing that help me get through it was my friends around me and my fiancée Chloe! spurring me on, running by my side giving me that bit of energy I needed. This is something I will treasure forever as getting to the peak of the hills and seeing the outstanding views brought some light to my life! A hill is like a hurdle/scenario in your life, you’ve got to keep pushing up the steep terrain! no matter what challenges that you face keep going till you reach its peak and enjoy every single moment when you’re their as you did this as a person from there it’s all downhill and easy.
Who is your running inspiration?
My running inspiration is my incredible fiancée Chloe Hacker, she was the one that introduced me to it all! she was the one that believed in me and helped me in the path of life, pushing me to try something new and making me realise that running has so many benefits and is great for your mental wellbeing, also that you don’t have to be a super fit athlete to be a runner.
What event, past or present, would you like to take part in and why?
I would like to be able to one-day take part in the New York marathon, as this is such a tranquil scenic and Major event it has been an ambition of mine to be able to run a marathon. So why not do it in a place that I’ve enjoyed travelling to so much and also be able to get a huge American style steak afterwards (haha).
What golden piece of advice would you give to other runners?
My crucial and golden piece of advice to runners old, runners new, runners fast, runners slow – no matter who you are, no matter what you do, no matter where you came from! we all start from the same place  at that start line. but the things that we thrive on is the support from other runners. The advice that they provide, the little spur of motivation, whether that be a clap from the sideline, a friendly comment as they run by or a tap on the back to say good job you ran well. those little tiny little things go a long way and last a lifetime! Give help, give support, help pick up those who need that extra little bit as one day they will do the same to another to which they can pass on their knowledge and support to help another runner grow.
What’s next?
It’s hard to say what is next because there is so much to do and see in life, and I have so many life goals that I want to achieve what is most important to me, is marrying my biggest supporter, my biggest fan, my inspiration, my motivation and my partner in running and life, Chloe Hacker.
Who would you like to nominate?
I would like to nominate Rowan Collins to be the next candidate to be placed on the spot and share her story
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