The Weekly Harrassment – Newletter Issue 4

15th April 2020

Bluebell Run

The Bluebell Run is a long-standing club tradition. Every April we set aside one Thursday evening to don our club shirts and make our way together up to Winkworth Arboretum for a group picture amongst the spring flowers.

For 2020, we would like to continue this custom by creating a group photograph from individual images sent in by you. If you are able to do so safely, then we would like you to use your daily exercise slot to head onto the trails and take a picture of yourself with some bluebells.

You can upload your snaps to Facebook, Strava or WhatsApp or email them to us at We will publish the results here next week and on social media.

We have created two simple routes for you to follow if you wish to head to Winkworth. Please stick to the public footpaths and do not damage what you came to see:

Please note that your photo can be taken anywhere. Alternative spots for bluebells locally include Barnett Hill near Wonersh and the woodlands between Mark Way and Compton. If you are elsewhere please feel free to join in with whatever seasonal images you are able to take.

The Chain

Sunday saw the end of our ‘Chain’ challenge. In the 12 days of this event, we kept two Harriers, one each from Team Red and Team Blue, out running continuously between 6:30am and 8pm. Together, our teams covered in excess of 3,000km and both successfully completed the challenge.

The second week of the challenge saw yet more videos being produced by our teams! If you aren’t on Facebook and wish to see them then please get in touch and we’ll send you the links.

In total more than 80 of you took part in this challenge and we heard some wonderful stories about how it encouraged some of you to get out there and stay active when you might otherwise have not. Well done to everybody who made it such a success.

Can’t Run? Watch Instead

Our movie recommendation for the week is ‘Life in a Day’ by youtube filmmaker Billy Yang.

If you enjoy trail running then we recommend pretty much any of Billy’s films. All are available for free on youtube. This particular one follows the journeys of three female athletes taking on the Western States Endurance Run in California in 2016. You wan watch here:


April’s Sportsshoes discount code

The new code for the month of April is GJT3 – valid until 3rd May 2020.

Easter Challenge

This weekend’s ‘Easter’ Challenge let members decide where to go. We asked for pictures of you at places of significance to you. Wedding venues, loved ones and favourite running spots all featured. Thank you to everybody who shared something with us.

Session Ideas

Below are last week’s virtual sessions for you to try. If you would like to share pictures or videos of yourself then please send them to and we will post them in next week’s newsletter for other members to enjoy.

Tuesday: This week’s session is a series of short, fast repeats. It is important to warm up properly for this type of workout. We recommend at least ten minutes, but twenty if possible.

Warm up: 15-20mins, easy jogging with the usual drills for ~20secs each if you can (high-knees, kick-backs, sidesteps, “fast feet”, skipping if you’re brave enough to do it in public…). Finish with 2 or 3 sets of strides (5 – 10 second accelerations) to prepare for some faster running.

Main session: (~30mins total): 12x 1min reps with 90secs recovery between each rep. Aim to run the reps at faster than 5k pace & take the recoveries really easily – I’d suggest walking for a minute into an easy jog for 30secs to get ready for the next rep.
Cool down: 5-10min easy cool down jog and stretches. Enjoy!

Thursday: Last week’s virtual club run is a Waverley Harriers classic. Start at the Wilfred Noyce and then head up Brighton road and loop back to the start. See route detail in the link below.

Weekend Challenge: Join our ‘Easter’ challenge. Send us a picture at a location of significance to you and tell us about it in no more than 3 words. Serious, silly, running-related or not, it’s up to you.

Stick to the latest advice, look out for each other and stay tuned for next week’s instalment.

Speak to you next week

John & Gary



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