The Weekly Harrassment – Newsletter Issue 6

30th April 2020

Treasure Hunt 2020

This week was all about the inaugural Waverley Harriers Treasure Hunt, courtesy of Mr Gary Lee. This event saw teams of adventurers grouped together by Chinese birth year and the by now obligatory WhatsApp group, doing their best Anneka Rice impressions: wandering around the countryside in search of hidden gold. The fun began on Friday and finished very early on Tuesday morning with the Rabbits and Roosters victorious, only twenty minutes ahead of the Monkeys and Tigers.

First prize (found by Helen and Linda) was a box of chocolate coins. Mike, arriving on the scene shortly after, wasn’t quite so lucky. He came away with only a packet of biscuits (which it is rumoured he promptly buried again for the third placed team to find).


Viva Espana

Our next challenge comes to us from the one and only Jon Lawrence. As some of you may know, one of our newer members, Alexandra, has been stuck in Spain for the past six weeks with access only to a rooftop and an underground car park for exercising. Despite this, Alexandra has become a core part of both our Chain and Treasure Hunt teams and a keen contributor to both our Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

In honour of Alexandra’s efforts, Jon has invited to run and see her! Alas, it will be but in spirit but if you would like your runs to contribute to the total distance (around 1,150 miles) then you can add your name to the spreadsheet here. The outing begins on 1st May.

Oh, Snap!

Tuesday also saw the end of our ‘Chain’ competition. For 27 and 3/4 days, we had kept at least one Harrier out exercising at all times between 6:30am and 8pm. It was a wonderful effort from everybody involved and we hope it made some small difference in helping you get through the past month and keeping you connected with one another.

More challenges will be on the way soon.

April’s Sportsshoes discount code

A reminder that the code for the month of April is GJT3 – valid until 3rd May 2020.

Session Ideas

Below are some virtual sessions for you to try. If you would like to share pictures or videos of yourself then please send them to and we will post them in next week’s newsletter for other members to enjoy.

Tuesday: Warm up: ~15-20mins easy jogging with a few drills (high-knees, kick-backs, sidesteps, “fast feet”, skipping, strides) for ~20secs each (see comment for further details)
Main session (~30mins): 4x5mins reps at around 5k pace…but try to speed up slightly for the last minute each time. 90secs recovery (easy jog or brisk walk) after each rep.
Cool down: ~5mins easy jog.

Thursday: Another classic WH route starting at the Wilfred Noyce: run up Charterhouse Road and loop back to the start via Guildford crematorium.

Do this route any time during the day, run solo or with someone from the same house.
You can also find lots of other routes here:

Weekend Challenge: Fancy a go at solving the clues from our Treasure Hunt? Have a go here: WH_solo_treasure_hunt


Stick to the latest advice, look out for each other and stay tuned for next week’s instalment.


Speak to you next week

John & Gary

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