The Yearly Bluebell – Newsletter Issue 5

21th April 2020

Treasure Hunt 2020

There is a new challenge coming this weekend, which if successful could be a new annual event. Over the past month Gary has been running all around the countryside, near and far, looking for questions and clues for a fun team (or solo) treasure hunt. It will be up to the teams to organise who is going for which clue.

You will be given the first 6 clues on Thursday night on this website and on Facebook. Subsequent clues will be sent to your team WhatsApp groups later on. For more information and for links to the team WhatsApp Groups check out the Treasure Hunt 2020 here.

Virtual Bluebell Run

Thank you to everybody who took part in this year’s virtual Bluebell run. So far we have had 88 responses to our post on Facebook, together will several more submissions via WhatsApp and Strava. The flowers this year have been extraordinary and it’s wonderful that so many of you were able to get out there and see them. Thanks to Gary for preparing this image of you all together. Let’s hope that next year we can do it for real.


Postbox Challenge

This weekend’s challenge complemented our bluebells with a little bit of red. Gary had you all heading out to find phone boxes. At least one of you may have been inventive with your use of Photoshop…

April’s Sportsshoes discount code

The new code for the month of April is GJT3 – valid until 3rd May 2020.

Session Ideas

Below are last week’s virtual sessions for you to try. If you would like to share pictures or videos of yourself then please send them to and we will post them in next week’s newsletter for other members to enjoy.

Tuesday: Warm-up: 15-20mins easy jogging with the usual selection of drills for ~20secs each if you can. Main session (~30mins total):
Building on our first “not track” session from a few weeks ago, it’s (mostly) 3minute reps again but with a ‘doubling up’ longer rep in the middle to work on speed-endurance:
3mins, 3mins, 6mins, 3mins, 3mins. Take about 2mins recovery (easy jog or brisk walk) after each 3mins rep and take an additional minute or two after the 6min rep if you need it.

Aim for consistent 5k pace throughout, particularly focus on not letting your speed/effort drop on that middle rep. Cool down: 5mins easy jog.

Thursday: Last week’s virtual club run took us up to Winkworth to see the bluebells. If you are lucky they may still be there! See our routes from Godalming and Farncombe here:

Weekend Challenge: See above for details of our Treasure Hunt!

Stick to the latest advice, look out for each other and stay tuned for next week’s instalment.

Speak to you next week

John & Gary

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