Couch to 5k

Look after your wellbeing with Waverley Harriers C25k.

Applications for our spring C25k are now closed. Please check back here in March 2024 for details of our next C25k.

I’ve never run before – can I still join?  The programme is designed for complete beginners and suitable people of different fitness levels.  We expect participants to be a range of abilities and to progress at different rates.  You will work at your own pace to ensure you achieve your 5k goal.

Is the programme suitable for anyone?  The sessions are suitable for adults, so anyone aged 18 or above – with no upper age limit!

How often are the sessions? We ask you to commit to three C25k sessions a week, to be completed whenever suits you. We will hold a group run session, each Thursday at 7.00pm where we’ll run together in small groups, with runners who are Leaders in Running Fitness and we will demonstrate post-run stretches.

How long do the sessions take?  About half an hour to 40 minutes per session.

What do the sessions include?  You’ll start with a warm-up before the main session, then a walk/ run. Followed by a cool down and stretch.

Will I be able to run 5k by the end of the sessions? Yes! You’ll build up slowly so you will be able to run 5k at the end of 11 weeks. Then we’ll all run a 5k together, on a Saturday at a free, local parkrun, to prove you really can run 5k!

How will I keep in touch?  We’ll use a private Facebook group for videos, tips and peer support, so it will be useful to have Facebook account to take part, but this isn’t essential. We’ll let you know what the sessions will include each week, at the end of our Thursday groups sessions, however for your homework runs, you may find it useful to follow them using the One You C25k app

What support will you have?  You’ll be supported by us and previous C25k graduates with hints, tips, routes and problem solving if required.  We’ll support you with team and personal challenges to keep you motivated.  We will provide you with safety advice.

How do I register?  When registrations for the next session are open we’ll have a registration form.

Who runs the sessions?  Our C25k sessions are run by Godalming’s friendly, local running club, Waverley Harriers.  The leaders are volunteers, trained as a ‘Leaders in Running Fitness’.

Where do we run?  Wherever you like!! However, if you want ideas, on a Thursday evening we’ll take you on a range of routes on the paths and footpaths around Godalming and Farncombe.

What should I wear?  You’ll need to wear appropriate footwear such as trainers and clothes you can easily move about in.  If you’re running in the dark, ensure you wear something high-vis, and run on well-lit pavements.

What happens after 11 weeks? We’ll all run a 5k together and then if you want to continue running, we’ll let you know about a range of opportunities locally.

How do I apply? Applying is easy. Just complete our application form and press submit (this will reappear when applications are open again). You’ll receive an email from our run leader to confirm your place and to tell you how to pay and where to meet for our first session. Looking forward to running with you!