X Country – Manor Farm Country Park 26th Jan

Well, at least the wet and muddy conditions came as no surprise. The course was slightly less muddy than last time believe it or not; but the puddles had ideas above their station and were pretending to be lakes! I think the rain stopped briefly during the race, at least it wasn’t as bad as it had promised as we made our way down the A3.

A super strong men’s team of, Mark H, Ian, Chris, Steve C, Mark R, MacGregor, Julian T, David and Nigel moved us up the table by coming in 4th. They obviously thrive in the watery conditions!

The ladies’ team of Linda, Ruth, Rosie, Liz and Teresa held their own coming in 11th.

We were 5th overall out of 20 clubs. There were quite a few incomplete teams so I think the Waverley Harriers teams deserve a pat on the back for fielding two more than complete teams in such grotty conditions ….and maintaining such a great team spirit!

The last race of the season is on 2nd March at Staunton Country Park and hosted by Denmead Striders – so come and join the team.

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